Ludwig Club Date USA 5" x 14" Snare

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Optimum for Recording Studio and Intimate Live Settings.

Club Date USA is the new Club Sensation. It features a brand new re-design of the Classic flat imperial lug. It is available in 3 configurations and 7 finishes.

This is a 5" (depth) x 14" (diameter) snare drum.  The finish is called Natural Satin.


The new Club Date features a brand new shell layup of 2-ply maple outer, 3-ply poplar core, 2-ply maple inner. Its sound offers full-bodied low-end combined with soft highs, and mids with pronounced volume.

Bearing Edge

Full round-over bearing edge offering bold bottom-end, and soft attack.


Warm dark tones. Bold bottom end combined with soft mids and highs.

Historic Facts

Flat Imperial Lugs made their debut on Ludwig drums in the 30's. The Club Date model was introduced in 1949 and went on as a popular configuration into the 70's.

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