Vintage A. Zildjian 22" Ride (2534g)

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This is a "small stamp" 22" A dating back to the late '50s.  It's remarkable for its umbrella-shaped profile, which gives it a complex, metallic stick sound.  Combined with the relative light weight, this makes for an excellent ride for jazz as well as other genres.

The condition is good, especially considering the age of the cymbal.  The edge has some rough spots, but nothing that I'd call a "fleabite."  The center hole has some wear but it's still fairly round.  The top of the bell is very flat, which we believe to be a characteristic of the era.  Otherwise, expect cosmetic issues such as stick marks, fingerprints, scratches and stains, tape residue, oxidation, and of course, a patina typical of a roughly 60-year-old cymbal.

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