Vintage A. Zildjian Trans Stamp 18" Cymbal (1184g)

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This is a nice example from the golden age of American cymbal making!  It's one of the thinnest Trans Stamps we've encountered; we've listed it as a "cymbal" rather than a ride or a crash since it would work in both roles.

The condition is good, especially considering that this cymbal dates back to the late '40s to early '50s. The center hole is small (roughly 7/16" diameter) and almost perfectly round.  The edge has a few minor rough spots, only one of which rises to the level of a "fleabite."  There is one area of waviness on the edge (near the stamp, at about 11:00 in the photo), which I believe is due to the thin weight and extreme hammering.

Obviously you should expect all of the usual cosmetic issues as well, e.g. stick marks, fingerprints, dirt, grime, oxidation, and light scratches and stains.

Please review the supersized photos and contact us with any specific questions or concerns.

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