A & F Drum Co Rude Boy 3" x 13" Teak/Maple Snare with Internal Snare

$ 975.00

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This is the limited edition 3" (depth) x 13" (diameter) 6-lug drum with whisky finish, teak/maple shell, and internal and external snares.

Here's what A & F says about this model:

"The Wood Rude Boy Snares feature our exclusive 7-ply Maple/Poplar (or limited edition Teak/Maple) wood shells with our patented raw brass hardware and hand rolled and welded raw brass hoops!

"We source, cut, press, shape, sand, drill, and clear coat our own 7-ply shells, hand cut bearing edges and snare beds, add our patented raw brass center-mounted lugs, hardware, and hand cut, rolled, and welded raw brass hoops and finally finish with Remo heads.

"You can add whisky finish as well as a internal snare if you choose, both of which come standard on the 3x13 Limited Edition Teak/Maple Series.

"These snares weigh any where from 5-7 pounds depending on size of the drum."

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