Agop Signature 15" Crash (895g)

$ 250.25

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This is a custom ordered, non-catalog size; Signature Crashes are generally 16" and up.  This cymbal works equally well as a crash and hi hat top.  

Agop's founder and master cymbalsmith Agop Tomurcuk lived a life of dedication to handmade craftsmanship and innovation in cymbal design.  His small notebook contained a lifetime of cymbal making secrets and ideas destined for the eventual creation of this series, the last project of his life.  The Agop Signature Series are extremely dark, trashy, dry, and complex.

Paper thin.  Dark, dry, and low pitched.

See and hear this cymbal in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!  In the first segment, the bottom hi hat cymbal is an Agop 30th Anniversary 15" (1126g).  The crashing begins at 1:15.