Bosphorus Syncopation 14" Hats (873 & 1053g)

$ 329.00

Like new minus the $403.00 price tag!  The previous owner removed the ink logos from the tops of the cymbals, but they're in very nice shape.  Expect stick marks, fingerprints, and light scratches and stains, but that's about it.  Regarding the weights, we went by our own scale; note that there are two written on the top cymbal and one on the bottom.

Here's what Bosphorus says about this series:

"These cymbals are excessively hammered which generates aggressive and dirty sounds with complex and rich overtones.  The Sandblasted (SW) finish offers a focused stick definition and stunning outfit while the Lathed version generates a higher pitch with sustain.  Both are very versatile cymbals for vast array of genres in live and studio performances."

See and hear these cymbals in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!