Canopus Limited MO Round Edge Hoop 6.5" x 14" Snare

$ 565.00

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Limited to 50 drums worldwide!

MO (Oil finished maple) snare drum

Though a thick maple shell has a lot of potential power, it is rather difficult to play to the limit, because there is always the possibility of only getting a strong attack. It is possible to bring out the power which the shell possesses by applying a precise bearing edge and a thin oil coating.

Round edge hoop: Powerful attack and focused sustain

Round edge hoops emphasize the high pitched overtones and generate
a powerful attack. This hoop has a “stick saver” type of shape ‒ which
provides a more focused sound and a shorter sustain.

Shell : 10ply Maple 8mm
Hoop : Round Edge Hoop
Lug Color : Chrome
Snare Wire : CPSL-14DR
Finish: Indigo Haze Oil

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