Cymbal Craftsman 21" Sizzle Ride (2121g)

$ 399.00

Hand crafted by Paul Francis.  This size goes for $625.00 new, if you can find one!

This cymbal was made in 2022, so obviously it's fairly new and should last you a lifetime.  The center hole is round and the edge is smooth, with a couple of minor rough spots but nothing rising to the level of a "fleabite."  Cosmetically the cymbal looks a few years older, showing stick marks, fingerprints, general dirt, and light surface scratches, particularly on the underside.

The rivet holes showed some wear (likely from rivets being installed and removed) so we rounded them out with a tapered reamer.  They're around 3/16" in diameter, which I'd call "oversized" by about 1/16" (we use a 5/32" bit when installing rivets).  Obviously, rivet heads are typically much larger.  No rivets are currently installed, but we'll include them upon request.

We've knocked a few bucks off to account for the cosmetics.

See and hear this cymbal in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!

(Coming soon.)