DW Collectors Maple SSC 5.5" x 14" Snare

$ 676.00

SSC stands for Specialized Shell Configuration.  It's the culmination of more than a decade of DW Custom Shop shell technology and represents the state-of-the-art in sonic customization. So what is SSC? Put simply, it's DW's recommended shell configuration which optimizes a particular type of shell for each drum size.

The SSC snare drum is Pure Maple, an 11-ply shell with 3-ply reinforcement rings and 60-degree bearing edge for optimal resonance and attack. 

The standard from which all other DW snare drums are measured, the Collector’s Series Maple is crafted from only the finest hand-selected North American Maple and customized in any California Custom Shop finish and drum hardware color option. 

A lacquered interior adds brightness to a snare with a full tonal spectrum and plenty of body. 

The Collector’s Series Maple is the definitive workhorse wood snare drum to own.

This timeless sound comes standard with the latest modern upgrades, like MAG throw-off system with 5P butt plate,  True Pitch Tuning, True Hoops, DW Heads by Remo USA and more.

  • Chrome hardware;

  • Mag Throwoff & Five-Position Butt Plate;

  • Vertical Low Timbre (VLT) shell layup selected in accordance with DW's Specialized Shell Configuration (SSC);

  • DW Order #1273938.

This drum is 5.5" (depth) x 14" (diameter).  The finish is Champagne Glass FinishPly.

See and hear this drum in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!