DW Performance Series 4-Piece Low Pro Kit

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With the popularity of ultra-shallow, single-headed drums such as the Design Series Pancake Gong Drum and the more recent Pancake Bass Drum, DW decided to offer a complete travel-friendly set. It would need to be lightweight and easy to transport, but also produce rich tones and feature a professional build quality.

Introducing the Performance Series Low Pro kit. This USA-made set incorporates a unique, integrated bi-pod design for stability and optimal functionality. The stand acts as a bass drum stabilizer and tom stand, giving players the ability to set up quickly and fit into tight spaces.

The kit comes in 3- and 4--piece configurations in durable White Marine and Black Diamond FinishPly.  A "snom" (convertible tom with snare wires) can be added and a deluxe rolling carrying case is available separately.

This shell pack includes:

*3" x 20" bass drum;
*3" x 10" mounted tom;
*3" x 13" floor tom; and
*3" x 12" convertible "snom" snare drum.

The mounting hardware and DW6300UL snare stand are included.

The finish is Black Diamond FinishPly.

The case is optional.

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