Gretsch Broadkaster 22" / 12" / 13" / 16" Kit & 26" Bass Drum

$ 4,299.00

That Great Gretsch Sound, for less!  This is a lightly used Broadkaster kit manufactured in February 2017.  The original owner just traded it back.

This shell pack includes:

*14" (depth) x 22" (diameter) bass drum;
*14" x 26" bass drum (pictured separately);
*8" x 12" mounted tom;
*9" x 13" mounted tom; and
*16" x 16" floor tom.

Current new price for this set is $5,711.55, so you'll save big here.

The finish is called Purple Duco Gloss Lacquer.  It's subtle in that it appears mostly dark from a distance, but the purple in the middle will stand out when lit.

The kit features the following options:

*Double tom post and plate on the 22" (the 26" is virgin);
*Vintage style "t's" on both bass drums;
*Tone control on the resonant side of the 22" bass drum;
*Vintage style brackets and legs on the floor tom; and
*9025 brackets installed directly to the shells of the mounted toms.

The condition is excellent, as the drums were very lightly used.  Expect the usual cosmetic signs of use, but the kit looks like new from a very short distance.  Heads are a mix of original and Aquarian.

Please review the photos and contact us with any specific questions or concerns.  Thanks!