Ludwig 110th Anniversary Classic Maple 6.5" x 14" Snare

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This 110th Anniversary piece is inspired by one of Ludwig’s most elusive drum wrap finishes. Emerald Pearl was part of the first lineup of drum wraps offered by Ludwig in 1927 and quickly discontinued in 1929. The short lifetime of Emerald Pearl led to very few drums ever being produced in that finish. Its limited nature prompts recognition by collectors as one of the "Holy-Grail" Ludwig products.

Like many old cellulose wraps, examples of Emerald Pearl today show signs of aging and yellow-out. We've come to admire the look of these vintage examples so much so that we made the attempt to recreate a more "vintage" version of the finish. In addition to our Pantone direction, this pearl wrap features a Jumbo Pearl Flake to fashion that of the original. Jumbo Pearl Flake gives more depth to the Pearl presentation compared to today's more modern Pearl Flake size. The vintage-classic theme is continued by completing the drums with brass plated hardware. All drums complete with Ludwig's 110th Anniversary badge and COA.

Limited to 75 snare drums.

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