Ludwig Classic Maple Jazzette Bop Kit

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This is a Ludwig Classic Maple shell pack, comprised of the following:

*12" (depth) x 18" (diameter) bass drum;
*8" x 12" rack tom; and
*14" x 14" floor tom.

The bearing edges are rounded.  Lugs are Large Classic on the bass drum and floor tom, and Mini Classic on the mounted tom.  The bass drum features Elite spurs.  The floor tom features Classic brackets and legs.  Badges are the new Cast Brass Keystone.  The finish is Black Sparkle, and the bass drum hoop inlays are Silver Sparkle.

Note that the bass drum and mounted tom are both "virgin."  The pictured snare stand is not included.

The matching snare is not included, but we currently have two options available.  Contact us for details.

Classic Maple Series 


Classic Maple series drums have been the professional choice for over 20 years. Its full tonality, rich sustain, and exceptional versatility has made these drums the premier choice for any performance application. Utilizing a process refined through over a century of drum making, Classic Maple drums preserve the signature Ludwig sound with optimal performance. Select from a range of popular Standard Outfits or custom tailor your kit through The Ludwig Outfitter. Hand-crafted at Ludwig USA in Monroe, NC.


Classic Maple's standard 7-ply, 6mm shell is formulated for optimum resonance and tonality. Its center three-ply core panel (laminated in a horizontal/vertical/horizontal grain bond to a 2.4mm thickness,) is inserted between inner and outer two-ply panels through our proprietary RFST molding process.

To increase stability through out the drum, all Ludwig USA shells are produced using Radio Frequency Shell Technology. Using a process involving our historic bladder molds that date back to the late 1960's, R.F.S.T.'s unique bonding system -combined with a specialized, time-tested adhesive- cures each shell evenly over the entire surface of the shell. This process is truly a principal ingredient in creating the "Ludwig Sound" in every shell we make.

Sonic Grid

Bright attack with maximum sustain for exceptional adaptability. Classic Maple is ideal for any performance setting. Its versatility makes it the best "all-purpose" drum set for today's professional settings.

See and hear these drums in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!