Meinl Byzance Vintage 14" Equilibrium Hats (932 & 974g)

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Introducing the Matt Garstka Signature 14” Equilibrium Hihats!

Born from the same concept as the Equilibrium China, Matt Garstka’s new signature 14” Equilibrium Hihats evenly balance elements of attack, tone, response, and volume. Various sections of each cymbal have been lathed for brightness or left unlathed to enhance the attack and bite, while other areas have been sandblasted for more dryness. Holes around the bell on the bottom cymbal help to release air, increasing the pedal “chick” sound.

These hats are sloshy when played open, but still have a tight, crisp attack and papery feel when closed. Their wide dynamic range allows them to work in a variety of musical settings.

“When I play an instrument, I want it to work in every situation. These hi-hats do that in a perfectly balanced way, and that’s why I’ll be playing them for many years.” - Matt Garstka

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