NickyMoon Custom Cymbals Modified 22" Ride (1975g)

$ 299.00

This is a rare opportunity to grab a cymbal custom modified by an independent cymbal maker.  This cymbal started life as a Sabian Vault Series and NickyMoon used it as a platform to create a thin vintage-style jazz ride.

The condition is very good.  The center hole is round and the edge is smooth, with a couple of minor rough spots but nothing approaching a "fleabite."  Expect minor signs of use such as stick marks, fingerprints, light scratches and stains, all cosmetic only.

The cymbal is drilled for three rivets, one large and two tiny.  The large hole is around 2-3/8" from the edge and the smaller holes are offset approximately 1/16" in each direction, which I assume was intentional.  Our split rivets would fit the larger hole but not the smaller ones.

See and hear these cymbals in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!

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