Noble & Cooley 6.5" x 14" Walnut Ply Snare

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This is a 6.5" (depth) x 14" (diameter) drum finished in Natural Oil, with Black Chrome hardware.  Here's what Noble & Cooley says about this model:


The all horizontal, Walnut ply snare drums represent the first time in our history we have offered drums we did not design. Originally the brain child of Ian Witt, we were intrigued by his designs when we met him at NAMM. We released a limited run of Walnut snares a few years back which were well received and sold out quickly.  As these drums represented a significant new sound to our palette of snares we decided to revisit this with Ian, only to learn he wanted to concentrate on his Erie Drum business. We both agreed that a boutique custom drum company with Noble and Cooley’s heritage would be the ideal place to ensure his legacy and we continue to offer these fine instruments to the drum community. These are now made exclusively in our factory using the same equipment and specifications to our exacting standards.

Walnut is noted for its big, warm and dry tone with a terrific low end. Combined with an eight lug design these snares have a truly organic, retro vibe while maintaining the classic Noble and Cooley personality. 


Rather than placing a single vent hole on the shell simply for maturing convenience, we did our research, because that’s the kind of attention to detail we put into each product. If we’re going to drill holes in our drums, we want to do so with purpose. We found that multiple, strategically and symmetrically placed venting holes made a significant difference in both the sound and feel of the drum.


Our snare system includes the snares, the throw-off, and the snare beds, and comes with Noble & Cooley patented cam action snare wires designed to allow tight tensioning without choking the bottom. These vibrate beautifully at medium and loose tensions, and can be tuned up or down as needed. Our brass throw-off is smooth and simple, with snare wires that can be engaged or disengaged easily. 


Solid brass tube lugs plated in either chrome or black chrome.  All snares come standard with 8 lugs with 10 lugs as an option.

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