Ottaviano Custom 22" Ride Cymbal (2290g)

$ 549.00

This is a used cymbal crafted by American cymbalsmith Justin Ottaviano.

The condition is very good.  Expect cosmetic signs of use such as stick marks, fingerprints, and light scratches.  The top edge shows what I believe to be a small casting issue, where a bit of the cymbal surface has "flaked" off.  There's no associated damage in the area and nothing is visible on the underside, so I'm guessing that this issue was present on the original blank.  See the third photo, which contains a quarter for scale.

(As an aside, I owned a Turkish cymbal with a more significant example of this condition, and it never developed into anything concerning.)

The center hole is round and the edge is smooth, with a few minor rough spots but nothing I'd call a "fleabite."

See and hear this cymbal in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!