Paiste 2002 15" Sound Edge Hats (1134 & 1270g)

$ 436.00

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Sound Edge Hi Hats

Sizes: 13", 14", 15", 17"
Weight: Medium
Volume: Medium

Sound color: Medium
Frequency range: Wide
Frequency mix: Rough/Complex/Rich

Stick Sound: Pingy
Response Intensity: Lively
Sustain: Medium
Chick Sound: Pronounced
Feel: Medium

Sound Character: Medium bright, full, warm, brilliant. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Fast, responsive feel. Full, bright, energetic open sound. Sharp, full chick sound. The original, once patented, wavy bottom hi-hat design. The 17" version adds extraordinary boost, low end and crisp projection.

See and hear these cymbals in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!  The hi hat action begins at 0:21.