Paiste Twenty Masters 21" Dark Dry Ride (2793g)

$ 329.00

Lightly used.  The center hole is round and the edge is smooth.  Expect stick marks, fingerprints and light scratches and stains.  The underside is funky looking, but I believe that's by design.

This is still a current model, though Paiste has dropped the "Twenty" moniker.  It currently goes for $484.00 new.  Here's what they say about it:

Dark Dry Ride

Sizes: 20" 21"
Weight: medium
Volume: medium low to loud
Stick Sound: woody, dry
Intensity: controlled
Sustain: medium
Bell Character: fairly integrated, rich

Sound Character: Dry, rich, silky, strong. Medium range, fairly complex mix. Very controllable and fairly dry feel. Silvery ping over rather short sustained and dusty wash. Ideally suited for articulated and precise playing in most musical styles such as R&B, Funk, Pop and Country.

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