Sabian Todd Sucherman Limited Edition HH 22" Sessions Ride (3302g)

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This is number 99 of just 250 cymbals worldwide!

Be one of the few to own the Limited Edition 22” HH Sessions Ride, a collaboration between the master artisans at SABIAN and the legendary Todd Sucherman.

Designed as Todd’s Ride of choice for Studio recording, the Sessions Ride is heavily hand hammered and then hand lathed to create multiple thicknesses over its surface – and then hand hammered for a second time. The result is bold articulation, a pleasant splash on the slap, a complex spread, and a massive crash.

The pitch of the bell is designed to be higher than the tonic note of the cymbal, which gives the Sessions Ride its signature quality as both a studio weapon and a monster on the stage.

  • A limited edition collaboration between SABIAN and Styx drummer Todd Sucherman;
  • Hand-hammered, lathed, then hand-hammered again to create multiple thicknesses of surface;
  • Bold articulation with a complex spread and a massive crash;
  • Pitch of the bell is higher than the cymbal’s tonic note;
  • A studio weapon, and a monster on stage.

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