Sonor One of a Kind Macassar Ebony 6.5" x 14" Snare

$ 1,199.00

Lightly used! 

ONE OF A KIND SNARE DRUM - Macassar Ebony  (lat: diopyros celecica)

Edition volume: 80 snare drums


Shell Sizes - 14" x 6,5"
Shells - Hand selected German Beech, 12 plies/ 8 mm thickness

Bearing Edges - modern 45 degrees

Finish - The snare features a gorgeous high gloss lacquered Macassar Ebony veneer and chrome plated fittings

Badge - One of a Kind badge with laser cut mallet shaped logo in Macassar Ebony veneer, 1 out of 80

Hoops - Die Cast hoops on top and bottom. The bottom hoop has an open bridge design to fully benefit the Dual Glide System

Snare Strainer - Dual Glide Snare System

Snare Wires - 24-strand bronze wires, handmade in Germany

The Lugs - Classic Phonic lugs with internal Tune Safe

Drumheads made by REMO USA - Remo Ambassador coated/ Ambassador Snare Resonance

Exclusive Packaging - includes a unique “One of a Kind” case, made by Hardcase UK and a personal 'welcome to the SONOR family' package