Sugar Percussion Stave Mahogany 6-Piece Kit

$ 5,500.00

This is a like-new Sugar Percussion kit.  The shells are stave mahogany.  The core kit (as pictured in the first several photos) consists of:

*12" (depth) x 26" (diameter) bass drum;
*7" x 13" mounted tom;
*13" x 17" floor tom; and
*6" x 14" snare drum.

There are two additional toms included:

*8" x 12" mounted tom; and
*10" x 14" mounted tom.

The 12", 13", and 14" toms are all "virgin," with no mounting brackets.

The drums have been played, so expect stick marks on the heads, light scratches and the like, but they look brand new from a very short distance.

Ahead soft cases for each drum are included.