Tama S.L.P. Series Studio Maple 6.5" x 14" Wood Hoop Snare

$ 399.00

This is a nice, lightly played example of this model.  It features a maple shell with maple hoops, 16 lugs, and Starclassic wires.  We installed brand new Evans heads, a G1 Coated on top and a 300 Hazy on the bottom, and lubricated the tension rod inserts, so you'll be good to go right out of the box.

The condition is very good, as the drum looks like new from a very short distance.  There are a few marks here and there on the hoops, but no dents or anything like that.  Shipping is free in the US48; please message us for a quote elsewhere.

Here's what Tama says about this model:

"Built to suit the needs of the player looking for a snare with incredibly warm, resonant tone, and crisp clear attack, the 6.5" deep Studio Maple snare features newly designed 100% maple wood hoops, coated with urethane for higher durability." 


"6ply 5mm All Maple Shell w/ Sound Focus Ring
*100% Maple Wood Hoops
*The 22 mm thick hoops provides warm sound and powerful attack especially rim shot
*Starclassic Lugs
*20 Strand Starclassic Carbon Steel Snare Wire

"Starclassic snares offer several unique, highly useful features. When adding more tension to the wires, the strands press closer to the snare head. We've also redesigned the angle of the end plates and added thinner straps to obtain optimum response."