Tama STAR Reserve Solid Maple 5" x 14" Snare

$ 799.00

Sold Out

Like new, minus the $1099.99 price tag.  Expect some minor cosmetic signs of use and handling, including stick marks on the batter head.  Both heads are factory and have plenty of life left.

Here's what Tama says about this drum:

"The 1st model of the STAR Reserve snare series was developed to attain unparalleled sensitivity and response for drummers. We combined a solid maple shell with a slightly sharper Starclassic bearing edge and 8-lug Brass Sound Arc hoops to create an ultra- sensitive, clear and bright tone. It also features our newly developed STAR Tube Lugs w/lug nuts for articulate tuning. Supersensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wires for concert models complete the package, featuring a thin brass plate and softer hi-carbon coils that respond to even the softest touch on the edge of the batter head."