Vintage Ludwig Club Date Kit

$ 2,850.00

Here's an incredible find, a Club Date 20/12/14 with matching Pioneer snare and period-correct hardware. Three of the drums are date stamped November 12, 1966, while the floor tom is date stamped November 10, 1966. This outfit consists of:

*14" (depth) x 20" (diameter) bass drum, serial number 423508, with cymbal arm;
*8" x 12" tom, serial number 423908;
*14" x 14" floor tom, serial number 422175;
*5.5" x 14" snare drum, serial number 423876;
*Speed King bass drum pedal;
*Spur Lok hi hat stand;
*Porto Seat throne with oval top;
*Tool pouch with key and wrench.

No snare stand is included (the one pictured is a modern Tama, and is available separately). The snare drum and toms sport white felt "baseball bat" mufflers. The resonant heads appear to be original on the bass drum and toms (there are some stick marks on the 12"). The other heads are modern Remo with plenty of life left. The snare wires appear to be original as well.

The drums are in good condition, especially considering their age. Expect the usual cosmetic issues of a 50+ year kit, including pedal rash and other paint loss on the bass drum hoops and shell interiors, imperfect chrome, especially on the batter hoops, just little things here and there that don't affect the playability. One rubber spur tip is being held on with a twist tie, and the hi hat stand is missing one tip entirely. The wrap is tight and fairly consistent in terms of fade/yellowing.

Final sale, so please review the photos and contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Shipping is free in the US48. Please contact us for a quote elsewhere. We'll discount the kit if you can pick it up.

See and hear these drums in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!  In teh second clip, they're featured at the beginning and again at 2:10.