Zildjian K Constantinople 21.5" (Repaired) Bounce Ride (2240g)

$ 525.00

This cymbal started life as a 22" Bounce Ride weighing 2390g.  We sold it new but it was damaged in transit and returned with a bend in the edge (see photo).

It didn't seem to be cracked, so we sent it to Nicky Moon Custom Cymbals for repair.  Actual diameter is now 21-7/16", and since this model is usually true to size, I believe that around 9/16" was removed.  Note that the original ink and weight designation are intact, although the cymbal now weighs 2240g on our scale.

We're selling it as used, final sale.  Of course it's out of warranty, but it should have plenty of life left.  The current new price is $624.95, so you'll save $100.00 and own a unique piece.

See and hear this cymbal in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!