New Arrivals: February 17, 2018 February 17 2018

Vintage Slingerland 22/13/14/16 - $599.00
Call or email for details on this kit!

Mapex Saturn V MH Exotic Club 3-Piece Shell Pack

Zildjian K 15" Sweet Hats (1140 & 1699g)

Zildjian K 17" Sweet Crash (1208g)

Zildjian K 18" Sweet Crash (1271g)

Gretsch Limited Edition Black Copper 5" x 14" Snare

Gretsch Limited Edition Black Copper 6.5" x 14" Snare

Bosphorus Syncopation Series January 19 2018

We're excited about these new cymbals from Bosphorus!  Available in regular lathed and "SW" (sandwashed) finishes, the Syncopation Series features a heavy overhammering technique for added complexity.  See and hear for yourself in our Video Vault (TM).

PDP Concept Series Classic Wood Hoop Bop Kit May 06 2017

This gets our vote for the best new product of the year so far.  Available in Walnut with Natural Hoops or Natural with Walnut Hoops, the three-piece kit looks and sounds amazing, especially for $699.99.  Add your choice of snare and you're ready for the gig.

See and hear it below and buy it here!

New Zildjian K Custom Special Dry Series February 02 2017

The new Special Dry cymbals have arrived!  First, here is a shootout between the new and old 21" Rides in our Video Vault (TM):

And here are links to the new cymbals for sale:

23" Ride

21" Ride

20" Crash

19" Trash Crash

18" Crash

18" Trash China

17" Trash Crash

16" Crash

15" Hi Hats

14" Hi Hats

New Arrivals from Istanbul Agop October 28 2016

30th Anniversary 22" Ride (2102g)

30th Anniversary 20" Ride (1767g)

Signature 22" Ride (1945g)

Signature 20" Ride (1767g)

Signature 15" Hats (951 & 1080g)

Canopus "The Maple" Snares September 15 2016

Just arrived!

5.5" x 14" in Bitter Brown Oil

6.5" x 13" in Charcoal Oil

DW Collectors Series Carbon Fiber July 29 2016

Just arrived!

5.5" x 14" Snare

6.5" x 14" Snare

Two new arrivals from DW July 26 2016

Jazz Series 5" x 14", $725.40.  Maple and gumwood shell with an outer ply of Pure Oak, finished in Hard Satin Walnut Stain.

Eco-X Series 5.5" x 14", $471.24.  Bamboo and birch shell in Natural Water-Based Stain over Banana with nickel hardware.

Zildjian A Avedis Series May 08 2016

New Arrivals from Bosphorus! April 24 2016

20th Anniversary 14" Hats

20th Anniversary 20" Ride

20th Anniversary 22" Ride

Black Pearl 14" Hats

Black Pearl 20" Ride

Black Pearl 20" Ride

Black Pearl 22" Ride

Master Vintage 14" Hats

Master Vintage 22" Ride

Agop Special Edition 22" TW Rides! March 24 2016

We special ordered some "old style" TW Rides:

New Arrivals: November 25, 2015 November 26 2015

Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22" Ride (2125g)

Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22" Ride (2281g)

Istanbul Agop Signature 21" Ride (1854g)

Istanbul Agop Signature 20" Ride (1693g)

Istanbul Agop Signature 18" Crash (1224g)

Istanbul Agop Signature 16" Crash (887g)

New Arrivals: October 23, 2015 October 23 2015

DW Collectors Solid Shell Maple 6.5" x 14" Snare

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Ludwig Legacy Mahogany 6.5" x 14" Snare

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Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 10" Splash (223g)

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Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 12" Splash (370g)

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Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 16" Thin Crash (983g)

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Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 18" Thin Crash (1279g)

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Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 19" Thin Crash (1319g)

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Sonor Vintage Series October 16 2015

Two of the new Sonor Vintage Series "Three20" shell packs plus matching snares have arrived, in Vintage Pearl and Vintage Natural!  The sizes are:

*14" x 20" bass drum;
*8" x 12" mounted tom;
*12" x 14" floor tom; and
*5.75" x 14" snare drum.

We've listed the shell packs with and without snares:

Vintage Pearl



Vintage Natural



New Arrivals from Bosphorus June 26 2015

New arrivals from Bosphorus Cymbals (again!). Top to bottom and left to right: Black Pearl 22" & 20" Rides, Master Vintage 20", 22" & 20" Rides, New Orleans 20" Ride, Lyric 21" Crash Ride, New Orleans 20" Ride, EBC 12" FX Chinas (3), Lyric 14" Hats, New Orleans 15" Crash, and Traditional 17" Medium Crash.

Luther Gray: Developing Musical Phrases April 15 2015

Take a lesson with Luther Gray in our Video Vault (TM)!  In this six-part video, Luther demonstrates how a simple lick can provide hours of creative practice.

Used Zildjian Keropes December 08 2014

We just took in a collection of used Keropes, including the pictured prototype 22" medium weight.  Keropes are difficult to find second hand because the line is so new, so this is a rare opportunity to save some money on these gems.

Here they are:

Canopus New Yaiba Bop Kit $1,500.00 August 05 2014

All of the famous Canopus quality and tone for less!  Brand new for 2014, this kit includes:

*14" (depth) x 18" (diameter) bass drum;
*8" x 12" mounted tom;
*14" x 14" floor tom; and
*5.5" x 14" snare drum.

The shells are maple and the finish is Dark Red Sparkle lacquer.

Two new DW kits! July 10 2014

DW Jazz Series Mahogany/Gum 14" x 18", 8" x 12", 14" x 14", and 5" x 14" in Natural Lacquer Custom, $3,651.70.

DW Collectors Series Cherry 12" x 20", 8" x 12", and 13" x 14" in Natural Lacquer Custom. Note the lightweight bass drum spurs! $3,182.40.

New Arrivals from Meinl June 20 2014

Top to bottom and left to right, all Byzance Series: Vintage Sand Cymbal Set (14/18/20), Extra Dry 21" Transition Ride, Extra Dry 21" Transition Ride, Vintage 20" Crash, Jazz 20" Big Apple Ride, Vintage 20" Pure Light Ride, Jazz 20" Club Ride, Extra Dry 19" Thin Crash, Extra Dry 18" Thin Crash, Vintage Sand 18" Crash, Dark 18" Crash, Extra Dry 17" Thin Crash, Traditional 16" Thin Crash, Dark 16" Crash, Jazz 16" Extra Thin Crash, Traditional 14" Thin Hi Hats, Dark 8" Splash, Extra Dry 14" Medium Hi Hats.

New arrivals from Bosphorus May 05 2014

Top to bottom and left to right: Master Vintage 22" Ride, Lyric 23" Ride, Master Vintage 22" Ride; Lyric 21" Crash Ride, Turk 21" Thin Ride, Lyric 21" Crash Ride; Traditional 19" Jazz Crash Ride, Master Vintage 19" Ride, Master Vintage 20" Ride; New Orleans 17" Crash, New Orleans 18" Crash, Master Vintage 14" Hi Hats.

Vintage K. Zildjian 22" Ride (2421g) for auction May 02 2014

The auction ends on Sunday, May 4, 2014.

eBay link


Joe Hunt's Linear Drumming Workshop - Tuesday, April 29, 2014, 8pm April 16 2014

Come on down and sit in for the legendary Joe Hunt, professor at New England Conservatory!  This is a participatory ensemble workshop where all drummers will be invited to play.  Accompaniment will be provided by Yuka Hamano Hunt on piano, and likely some other surprise guests.

This is the second in a series of workshops led by Joe; however, each topic is stand-alone, so you won't need to have attended the first one.

"Linear" is also known as melodic drumming, whereby drummers play in a "one note at a time" fashion.  This technique allows for more dynamic control as well as ease of motion.  Joe will provide examples of easy-to-use techniques for jazz, Latin, and other time feels in a live, group setting.

Come to this workshop and improve your ensemble playing skills with coaching by Joe!  You'll learn some new concepts and beats for your own group.  Admission is $10.00 and seating is limited.  Reserve your spot by calling or emailing the shop: (978) 263-7618 or

We hope to see you there!

(Photo from the first workshop in December 2013)



Ludwig Hammered Bronze 5" x 14" & 6.5" x 14" Snares April 11 2014

Just arrived!  The LB550K (5" x 14") is $739.00; the LB552K (6.5" x 14") is $759.00.