Canopus Key Muffler KM-1

$ 52.50

The KM-1 Key Bundle Muffler was developed in collaboration with Takashi Kashikura, based on his deep experience as a pro drummer.

Muting a snare drum often reduces its power and sound.  Over the years, drummers have used commercially available mufflers, as well other items around them -- and, through experimentation, have created different sounds.

The KM-1 is a handy item that provides a unique, exciting sound, and also saves the inconvenience and expense of making a bunch of regular keys.

Takashi Kashikura says:

"I had a key mute that I had been using for my own personal use and incorporated it into a product in the form of joint development with Canopus.  I hope you will use it as your new standard gear when you want to spice up your sound, add a little accent to your sound, or add a little character to your sound.

"Depending on how it is used, it is possible to create a sound that suppresses the original resonance of the snare drum.  It is a magnetic type, so it can be turned on and off quickly. For example, you can use turn it on during an one bar drum fill right before the chorus, and turn it right off after the fill.  There can be many ideas.  The shape to the key is a chain, so the distance can be changed quickly.

"If you apply it shallowly, the key will sound like a “ring”, and if you apply it deeply, you can create a sound like distorted by a comp.  When used in with rim shots, the sound will be more pronounced, and each drummer’s touch will create a more distinctive sound.  Although it has a distinctive sound, I think it will easily fit in with a variety of music genres and situations. Please enjoy using it!"