Dragonfly Percussion & Tackle Instrument Supply Big Softy Beater TBDBS

$ 50.00

Tackle Instrument Supply and Dragonfly Percussion have once again teamed up to create The Big Softy: the biggest and softest bass drum beater on the planet.

Like Dragonfly’s other popular beaters, The Big Softy is constructed of tightly stacked layers of fabric on a threaded brass stem.  The Big Softy sports 3” discs of soft, fluffy flannel, resulting in a huge bass response. 

Because the beater has no core- only the layers of fleece, there is almost no attack.  This beater has a ton of give against the head, and feels as luscious as it sounds. 

If you want to transform the sound of your kick into something totally new with maximum, full-bodied lows and virtually no contact sound- look no further than the Big Softy.