TnR Products Little Booty Shakers

$ 15.39

Little Booty Shakers are applied to a snare drum stand (used with a snare or tom), with the same principles as our Original Booty Shakers:

*Isolate the drum so that it creates the best sound possible.
*Make the product fit on any brand.
*Make it simple to apply; no tools or modifications to your drums.
*Make it durable to last.
*Make it super affordable even though it’s a pro-level product.

Our customers agree that Little Booty Shakers:

*Improve the volume and projection of any snare drum or rack tom
*Prevent premature sound decay created by your drums contact with the stand
*No choke! Eliminate ugly mid range build up and allow even order harmonics
*Create better stick rebound and feel from your snare drum or rack tom by absorbing the shock between your drum and its stand
*Increase the low end response and resonance from your rack tom or snare