Zildjian 400th Anniversary Limited Edition Alloy Snare Drum

$ 3,999.99

One drum left in stock, #142/400.  It is still sealed in its original shipping box.

At a Glance:

*6.5" (depth) x 14" (diameter);
*5mm Straight Shell;
*10 Lug;
*Electro Polished 304 Stainless Steel Components;
*Half Cast Flangeless Straight Hoops;
*Fully Machined Lugs, Throw off, Butt Plate, Tension Rods and Key;
*Custom Molded Hardcase;
*Inspection Gloves;
*Certificate of Authenticity.

We invite you to experience the passion and craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of this snare drum, and we are confident that it will inspire you in your musical journey.

This snare drum features a new, innovative shell casting process, using 100% pure Zildjian alloy direct from our cymbal foundry.  The sound qualities of B20 Zildjian bronze inspired us to re-imagine a cast bronze snare from the ground up. 

While the Zildjian 400th Anniversary Alloy Snare Drum maintains the extreme volume ceiling, projection, and sonic power that cast bronze drums are known for, this drum was designed to be an expressive, deeply versatile instrument, and is equally at home behind an orchestra, in front of walls of amplifiers, in a jazz quartet, or as a platform for creative modern muffling and recording techniques. 

Shell specifications and hardware design were developed in collaboration with Aaron Latos of Latos Drums, a craftsman and instrument designer with a passion for creating timeless, heirloom-quality instruments.  Each and every element of this instrument was examined and built with purpose.

The raw shell casting is precision machined to exacting specifications, with a final shell thickness of 5mm.  The batter side features a round over edge with a 30-degree inner cut, while the snare side edge utilizes a sharper 45-degree geometry to maximize crispness and sensitivity.  The 8” wide snare beds feature a hybrid of modern (wide and shallow) and classic (deep pocket) designs, with the effect of showcasing the shell’s unique character, while also allowing more centered articulation than cast bronze shells are typically capable of.

All hardware components are bespoke and machined from 304 stainless steel with an electro polished finish.  The vintage-inspired flangeless counter hoops employ a Half Cast design, utilizing a fully cast 3.2mm ring, with precision welded eyelets.  This process allows for superior precision, rigidity, and durability.  Designed specifically to enhance and complement the sonorous properties of the Zildjian alloy shell, the straight Half Cast design provides the tuning stability of a cast hoop without choking the drum.  Lug bodies, tubes, and tension rods are fully machined, and along with custom stainless-steel washers ensure tuning is accurate, efficient, and consistent.