A & F Drum Co 1.5" x 14" Raw Steel Pancake Snare

$ 467.50

This is a 1.5" (depth) x 14" (diameter) 6-"lug" drum.  The shell is raw steel.

Here's what A & F says about this model:

In 2003, A&F President, Ramy Antoun, was invited to join Seal as his drummer.  When given the songs to learn, Ramy took it upon himself to recreate the electronic loops on the records with live drums, matching the electronic drum sound with acoustic drums.  

For one specific song, he reached for a 1920's era banjo, disassembled it, and used the thin short brass shell as a snare.  He grabbed two Remo heads, a couple vintage brass hoops, a handful of clips, and single tension rods.  Ten minutes later, his first Pancake snare was born.

Flash forward 13 years, the Pancake snare is a new addition to the A&F Drum Co. snare drum collection.  With a handmade 1.5" deep shell in 12", 14", & 16" diameters, add handmade raw brass hoops, single tension tuning rods with clips, heads, and a beer tap throw/butt plate.  Simple design, practical application, brilliant sound!

See and hear this drum in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!