Aquarian Super-Pad

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The Aquarian multipurpose Super-Pad is both a stand-alone pad for silent practice and a low-volume acoustic drum mute for low-volume music-making.

Perfect for teaching studios, unplugged, low volume ensemble sessions, and apartment dwelling acoustic drummers; low profile design fits comfortably into any setup and comes in a range of sizes that will fit most acoustic snare drums, tom-toms, and bass drums. The shock-absorbing playing surface is comfortable to play and makes it an effective tool for improving drumming skills.

Lightweight, the Super-Pad travels anywhere and can be placed on top of anything; drums, tables, snare drum stands, beds, or even your lap. The Super-Pad drum surface reduces acoustic drum volume, but still retains natural drumstick rebound and real drumhead feel.

The Super-Pad is easy to set up and eliminates the need for costly stand or pad mounting hardware. Drop it on a drum for low volume playing. Our protective, non-skid base allows for use as a stand-alone pad that can be placed on any flat surface for silent practice.

When placed on an acoustic snare drum, the Super-Pad activates the snare wires for natural snare drum sound at a greatly reduced volume. Perfect for developing correct snare drum technique while working on buzz, drag, and ghost strokes.

When placed on tom-toms, the Super-Pad retains relative pitch with defined articulation and is great for working on melodic phrasing and complex tom fills at a comfortable volume level.

*"Drop on Drum and Play" convenience
*Perfect for teaching studios
*Comfortable for longer practice sessions