DW 6000 CX Single Pedal

$ 269.99

DW 6000 Series pedals are based on the original 5000 radius rod design and are available in three drive systems:

AX: the popular Accelerator eccentric cam;
CX: a more powerful Turbo cam; and
NX: nylon strap model.

Each pedal perfect complements the retro-styled complete line of 6000 hardware.


*6000 Pedals feature a Radius Rod Base

*Like the 5000s, 6000 pedals feature a Bearing Spring Rocker Assembly.

*DW’s patented Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge is a state-of-the-art lightweight aluminum design that incorporates ball bearings at both sides.

*The Dual Adjustable Toe Clamp ensures the pedal and drum stay connected.