DW MFG MDD2 Machined Direct Drive Double Pedal

$ 1,299.99

The MDD (Machined Direct Drive) pedal is the first-ever DW direct drive pedal and the only direct drive pedal on the market featuring Floating Rotor Technology. The result is quick, smooth, responsive and yes, powerful. The game has been changed.


*Optimized Fulcrum Geometry Linkage

*Solid Aluminum Direct Drive Cam

*Infinite Throw Adjustment

*110 Control Weight/Impact Adjustable Beater Patents (US 8633367B2, DE 102011005640)

*Perforated Solid Aluminum Footboard

*Contoured Heel Plate

*Interlocking Delta Hinge (US Patent Number 9,472,174 and US Patent Number 9,928,815, Taiwan Patent Number I-697,889, Japan Patent Number 6,659,553)

*Floating Rotor Drive System

*Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe Clamp (US Patent Number 9,240,169, China Patent Number 104,756,179)

*AB - All-Bearing Universal Joint on double pedal linkage.

*Double Pedal Bag