Gibraltar 2.3mm Triple Flanged Tom & Snare Drum Hoop

$ 15.99

Triple-flanged, heavy-duty 2.3mm thick chromed steel drum hoops for studio and stage.

These hoops provide consistent shape, tension, tuning, and a clear, open sound.

SC-1006TT: 10" 6-Lug

SC-1205TT: 12" 5-Lug

SC-1206TT: 12" 6-Lug

SC-1306TT: 13" 6-Lug

SC-1408BS: 14" 8-Lug

SC-1408SS: 14" 8-Lug Snare Side

SC-1410BS: 14" 10-Lug

SC-1410SS: 14" 10-Lug Snare Side

SC-1608TT: 16" 8-Lug