Gretsch USA Custom 5" x 14" Bell Brass Snare G4160BBR

$ 1,099.00

Some of music’s most memorable in-studio and live and drumming performances were recorded on brass snare drums and the Gretsch Bell Brass snare was designed to deliver that same high-quality tone.

Due to the popularity of 6.5" x 14" model, Gretsch is excited to announce the addition of a new 5" x 14" model to the Bell Brass lineup.  The Gretsch Bell Brass snare offers a wide range with smooth, pure timbre and controlled overtones for session work, while delivering attack and punch that can cut through virtually any onstage mix.  This versatility is derived from the roundover bearing edge and a 3mm bell brass shell, which also offers a center knurled stripe and a matte finish.

This Bell Brass drum also features Gretsch’s classic Lightning throw-off, 4mm die-cast hoops, ‘Snap-In’ key holder, and a 42-strand snare wire for maximum sensitivity.  This snare would make an incredible addition to any live or studio kit.

See and hear this drum in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!