Grover EQlipse Dual Apex 5" x 14" Snare

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Change the sound and feel of the snare drum as simply as changing heads!

The Grover Pro EQlipse is the ONLY drum that gives you TWO distinct bearing edges!

*Double 45-degree edge for a bright contemporary sound
*Rounded edge for that traditional, dark vintage tone


*Blended Wood & Metal Shell Characteristics
*Grover Pro SX Non-Spiral Snares
*10-ply Cross-Laminated Maple Shell
*Grover Pro Sound Mirror internal finish
*Single-Point “Bow Tie” lugs
*Trick Throw-Off
*High-Gloss Ebony Lacquer Finish

What’s So Special?

Our aluminum Tone Belt acts as a structural brace, removing tension from the wood shell. Inside the Tone Belt is a ceramic-coated maple ring, which amplifies transient high-end frequencies. These features give the EQlipse its multi-shell character. In addition, our exclusive SX snares sport both silver and bronze Non-Spiral Snare wires. Increased contact with the snare head produces power and projection beyond that of ordinary snares!

How Does It Work?

It’s as easy as changing a head! Just remove the batter head, flip over the Apex Ring, and put the head back on. Your drum is dramatically transformed to suit your style and the music you’re playing!

What Were You Guys Thinking?

We believe that the bearing edge is one of the most critical components of any drum. The interface of the shell edge and the drumhead shapes the core sound properties of the drum. By crafting two different edges onto one Apex Ring, we are able to offer you a choice between the standard “double 45” and a rounded “vintage style” edge. The double 45 is sharp and bright; the rounded edge is what gave all those old drums their dark, warm sonority. Now you can have both!

What Size?

While sensitive at all dynamics, the EQlipse Snare Drum sounds MUCH BIGGER than its size. The 5-inch model overpowers other drums its depth. The 6-inch model… well… think… STADIUM!

History Lesson

In the 1950s, along with the advent of plastic drumheads, the sharper 45-degree bearing edges came into play. Plastic can take a sharp (brighter) edge; the skin drumheads of old could not without tearing.

Now YOU can have the BEST of both worlds… CHOOSE and CHANGE the edge to suit your style!

See and hear this drum in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!