Low Boy Custom Lightweight Puff Bass Drum Beater

$ 46.00


If you’re looking for all the punch and power of a Low Boy wood bass drum beater, with even less weight, this is what your feet have been searching for.

Weighing in at just 80 grams, our lightweight beaters are 20% lighter than our standard two-way bass drum beaters, and the lightest all-wood beaters on the market.

Featuring the same unique flat striking surface as our standard wood beaters, our lightweight beaters are designed with power drummers in mind. This beater will give you maximum volume and definition, plus the speed you need for quick single or double bass work.


The heart of this beater is the premium quality shearling lambswool. It’s soft, it’s lush, and it sounds amazing.

Barely tap the pedal and you’ll hear just the wool strands engage with the drum head. It’s the quietest tone you’ve ever heard from your bass drum, almost like the gentle tap of wire brushes.

Hit a little harder and get ready for the big boom, a tone tailor-made for jazz and mellow musical situations. This is the soft lambswool pulling every bit of warmth that your kick drum has to offer.

Now really dig in. This is where the magic happens. We’ve left ¼” of wood exposed around the edges of the striking surface, with the long wool strands acting as a buffer between the wood and the drum head. This provides you with some extra power and rich, full low-end tones, but without the punch you’d expect from wood.

This hybrid design gives you all of the magic of a vintage lambswool beater, with increased dynamic range on both ends of the volume spectrum.

It’s everything that’s great about vintage lambswool bass drum beaters, turned up to eleven.


Amber with painted black stripe.


*North American hard maple beaters will stand up to years of gigs and sessions;

*Aerospace-grade stainless steel rods are guaranteed never to bend or break;

*Every element made in the USA, assembled in Denver;

*Over 30 paint and stain options are available to make your beater your beater;

*Custom laser engraving available;

*Heirloom quality bass drum beaters built to last a lifetime. Or two.