Mapex Black Panther 8" x 14" Ralph Peterson ONYX Snare

$ 699.00

The deep all-maple shell finished with black-plated lugs and a black lacquered exotic outer veneer is an instrument straight out of the heart and mind of the late, great Ralph Peterson, Jr.

This instrument pays tribute to an artist with a deep connection to the history and traditions of the aggressive hard-bop jazz style, and is able to produce whispering ghost strokes and lightning sharp rimshots courtesy of the specially finished black wooden hoops.


*8" (depth) x 14" (diameter)
*7-Ply, 6.85mm Maple/Exotic Maple Burl
*SONIClear 45 degree bearing edges
*Transparent black plated hardware
*Transparent black Maple Burl
*In-line locking B-Lugs
*Black maple hoops
*3 air vents
*2.7mm deep x 5.5mm wide snare bed
*20-strand snare wires
*Evans "Onyx" Black batter side, Evans 300 snare side heads

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