Meinl Mike Johnston Groove Bell

$ 64.99

The Meinl Mike Johnston signature Groove Bell was developed to offer drum set players a cowbell that sits perfectly in the mix of a band while providing the percussive spark that they require in their grooves.

This bell comes with two magnetic tuners (one small & one large, based on Benny Greb's Cymbal Tuners) that muffle unwanted ringing for a dialed-in sound when needed, and it is highlighted with a vintage steel finish.

"When you first play it, there is no doubt that this is a high quality cowbell that is uniquely designed to be played on a drum set. With the addition of the bell mutes, it quite literally becomes one of the most versatile cowbells on the market." - Mike Johnston


Vintage Steel


*Designed with Mike Johnston;

*Includes two magnetic tuners for controlled muting
 (based on Benny Greb's Cymbal Tuners);

*Specifically made for drum set use;

*Vintage steel finish