Noble & Cooley Horizon 6.5" x 14" Snare

$ 798.00

This is a 6.5" (depth) x 14" (diameter) Horizon snare drum in Natural Matte Lacquer with chrome hardware.  The exterior ply is Birdseye Maple.  Here's what Noble & Cooley says about Horizon Series snares.


Designed to complement our Horizon series drum kits, the Horizon snare drums feature a unique horizontal orientation and offer a sound distinct from conventional ply drums. Just as with the kits, the horizontal plies resonate more uniformly creating the strong attack of a solid shell but are balanced with an inner ply of Mahogany that adds some darkness to the tone. The result is a clarity of sound which cuts through the mix yet remains musical and vibrant. These have the personality of solid shell drums but with a slightly dampened effect with shorter decay and a drier attack.


Rather than place a single vent hole on the shell simply for manufacturing convenience, we did our research, because that’s the kind of attention to detail we put into everything we do. If we’re going to drill holes in our drums, we want to do so with purpose. We found that multiple, strategically and symmetrically placed venting holes made a positive difference in both the sound and feel of the drum.


Our snare system includes the snares, the throw-off, and the snare beds, and comes with Noble & Cooley patented cam action snare wires designed to allow tight tensioning without choking the bottom. These vibrate beautifully at medium and loose tensions, and can be tuned up or down as needed. Our brass throw-off is smooth and simple, with snare wires that can be engaged or disengaged easily.

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