Paiste Formula 602 Classic Sounds 20" Thin Flat Ride (2004g)

$ 605.00

The light weight 18’’, 20’’, and 22’’ Formula 602 Thin Flat Ride models feature the incomparable purity and clarity typical of Formula 602 cymbals.  The airy ping exhibits silky softness, and the overall sound is very deep.  These buttery soft cymbals are ideal for delicate playing at low volumes.

Sizes: 18", 20", 22"
Weight: Light
Volume: Soft

Sound color: Bright
Frequency range: Narrow
Frequency mix: Clean

Stick Sound: Balanced
Response Intensity: Dry
Sustain: Medium
Feel: Soft

Sound Character: Very warm, very soft, deep, velvety.  Narrow range, fairly clean mix.  Very soft, buttery feel.  Fine, silvery ping over deep, pure wash.  Well suited for delicate, articulate playing in lower volume settings.

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