Remo Diplomat Skyntone

$ 21.95

The Diplomat Skyntone features warm tone and soft attack with a calfskin-like look and feel.

Constructed with 1-ply of a special surface-treated 5-mil film laminated to a 3-mil polyspun fiber, Diplomat Skyntone is ideal for light concert snare and jazz drumset snare, tom, and bass drum applications.

Featuring controlled high frequencies and dynamic sensitivity, Diplomat Skyntone is the closest synthetic drumhead ever produced compared to traditional calfskin.

10": SK-0010-00

12": SK-0012-00

13": SK-0013-00

14": SK-0014-00

16" SK-0016-00

18" BD: SK-1018-00

By default, our Remo heads feature a factory-printed Boston Drum Center logo in the 6:00 position.  However, we often stock them both with and without this imprint; if you have a preference, please specify in advance.