Sabian 14" Quiet Tone Classic Practice Pad

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The Quiet Tone offers the ultimate in realistic feel and response because it is totally real.  A real drum head, a real hoop, and real tensioning make this the world's finest and most effective practice and performance pad for drummers of all styles.

Placed on a snare drum, it reduces volume by up to 90%, letting you practice or perform without modifying your technique or distorting the natural tone of your drums.  Or you can play the Quiet Tone on its own for real drum response and ideal practice pad performance.

*Real drum head delivers real drum feel for authentic sticking and brushwork.

*Triple-flanged metal hoop is ideal for rim shots and cross-sticking, just like a real drum.

*Patented non-slip rubber feet transfer the energy from your drumstick to the drum head.

*Adjustable tensioning lets you control the response and feel for diverse styles of playing.