Sabian AAX 14" Zen China Effects (821g)

$ 239.99

Sabian's second Vault Drop is definitely unique.

With its 2" reverse china lip design, the 14" AAX Zen Effects cymbal is a thin weight model with a medium bell.  Add to that 6 evenly spaced holes on the bow for added attack and dirt, and 6 two inch discs loosely riveted to the cymbal between the holes, creating a very beefy sizzle effect.  Attaching them with only one rivet allows the discs to swing or move around when played, depending on the angle of the cymbal.

The Zen Effects is an extremely versatile addition to any set up. Use as a stand-alone effect, a hi-hat top, stack on top of a larger cymbal, or use in whatever creative way you can think of.

See and hear this cymbal in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!