Sabian HH 22" Sessions Todd Sucherman Signature Ride (3295g)

$ 649.99

Now a catalogued model!

The original HH Sessions Ride, which was a collaboration with Todd Sucherman, was first introduced as a Limited Edition in 2019. It sold out in days. Demand and interest have only escalated over the passing years, with Todd fielding endless requests during his vigorous tour and education schedule: 

“In my touring with Styx and talking with drummers from all over the world, I’m frequently asked about this cymbal and if there is any way they can get their hands on one. Until now, I’ve had to say no. I’m so pleased that SABIAN has made the decision to bring this cymbal back and make it part of their ongoing product offering.”

Reintroduced to the exact same specification and sound profile as the original, the 2023 Sessions Ride will feature an updated logo treatment.  These catalog models will not come individually numbered or with a signed certificate of authenticity from Todd, preserving the collector’s appeal of their 2019 counterpart.

The 22" HH Sessions ride is fully hand hammered, lathed, and polished, then a second layer of hand hammering is applied to build in more control.  The combination of articulation and spread produced by the extra hammering and coarser HH style lathing makes the 22" HH Sessions ride an amazing instrument for both the studio and stage.  Its stunning appearance is definitely a bonus.

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