Vater American Hickory Drumsticks

$ 11.99

Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to its shock absorption and durability.  Vater uses the two best hickory species, which are Shellbark and Shagbark Hickory.

The material must meet very strict quality characteristics to be made into a Vater drumstick.  Vater only uses dowels that have a moisture content specific to "striking" tools (10%-12%), so you get a drumstick with great feel and durability. 

Each time a Hickory tree is harvested by any of Vater's suppliers, another one is planted. New trees are also produced from the hickory nuts that naturally fall from the trees.

Many of Vater’s popular Hickory models are also offered in Sugar Maple for players who prefer a certain profile but desire the tone, volume and lighter weight that Sugar Maple versions can provide.

Price is per pair.