Vintage Zildjian A 14.5" Crash (750g)

$ 239.00

Here's an interesting find!  This piece came from a Zildjian endorser who said that he found it in their vault in the early 1980s.  I would have guessed that the cymbal is older, but sure enough, it bears a faint period-appropriate stamp and the vestiges of a hollow, '70s-style logo.  The diameter is almost exactly 14.5"; it would probably be considered an undersized 15", but it's an anomaly.

The condition is very good.  The center hole is nearly perfect and the edge is smooth, with a couple of minor rough spots but nothing rising to the level of a "fleabite."  Expect stick marks, fingerprints, light scratches and stains, dirt, and other cosmetic issues common to vintage cymbals.

See and hear this cymbal in our Video Vault (TM) and buy with confidence!