Meinl Cymbal Tour: April 27 to May 16, 2019 April 24 2019

The Meinl Cymbal Tour returns to BDC from April 27 to May 16, 2019.  The cymbals listed below will be on display in addition to our regular inventory.  We'll have special pricing, swag, and more.  This is a rare opportunity to play a wide variety of production models as well as prototypes and artists' picks.

Production Models:

Byzance 8" Splash, Brilliant
Byzance 10" Extra Dry Splash
Byzance 10" Jazz Splash
Byzance 13" Dark Hats
Byzance 14" Dark Hats
Byzance 14" Medium Hats
Byzance 15" Dual Hats
Byzance 15" Medium Hats
Byzance 15" Thin Crash, Brilliant
Byzance 16" Extra Dry Thin China
Byzance 16" Thin Crash, Brilliant
Byzance 16" Trash Crash
Byzance 17" Jazz Medium Thin Crash
Byzance 17" Thin Crash
Byzance 18" China, Brilliant
Byzance 18" Dark Crash
Byzance 18" Dual Crash
Byzance 18" Extra Thin Hammered Crash
Byzance 18" Medium Crash
Byzance 18" Sand Medium Crash
Byzance 18" Thin Crash, Brilliant
Byzance 20" China
Byzance 20" Jazz Big Apple Ride
Byzance 20" Jazz Club Ride
Byzance 20" Jazz Thin Crash
Byzance 20" Medium Crash
Byzance 20'' Trash Crash
Byzance 20" Vintage Crash
Byzance 20" Vintage Pure Crash
Byzance 21" Transition Ride
Byzance 22" Jazz Extra Thin Ride
Byzance 22" Spectrum Ride
Byzance 22" Symmetry Ride
Byzance 22" Vintage Pure Light Ride
Classics Custom 10" Dark Splash
Classics Custom 14" Dark Hats
Classics Custom 16" Dark Crash
Classics Custom 18" Dark Crash
Classics Custom 18" Dark China
Classics Custom 20" Dark Ride
Classics Custom 22" Dark Crash Ride
Pure Alloy 10" Splash
Pure Alloy 14" Medium Hats
Pure Alloy 18" Medium Crash
Pure Alloy 18" China
Pure Alloy 22" Medium Ride


Byzance 14" Extra Dry Thin Crash
Byzance 18" Extra Dry Hats
Byzance 20" Big Apple Extra Dry Medium Ride
Byzance 20" Thin Ride
Byzance 20" Monophonic Ride w/ rivets
Byzance 20" Jazz Ride
Byzance 20" Dark Crash
Byzance 20" Vintage Extra Dry Medium Ride
Byzance 22" Dark Thin Ride
Byzance 22" Big Apple Ride
Byzance 24" Jazz China Ride
Byzance 22" Tradition Flange Ride
Byzance 24" Thin Ride
Byzance 26" Big Apple Dark Ride
Byzance 27" Extra Dry China
Byzance 28" Big Apple Dark Ride